Sunday, December 27, 2009

UFO Sightings in Sicily Italy

Recently we reported a UFO event that was witnessed by many in the skies above Sicily in Italy. Now it is being reported that a UFO almost identical in appearance to the one seen in this  previous event has been seen and photographed again, this time in the vicinity of the city of Messina (photo below).
The UFO sighting took place on 21 December at around 11:30am. A local doctor was looking out of the window when he saw a silent silvery spherical UFO cross the skies above his surgery. The witnessed managed to take a photograph of the UFO and the image is now being studied by the Messina UFO Research Centre

repeatedly, as if Messina were, like the Strait, a way of normal channel of communication and transit ovni and 'Sparkler' unidentified.

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