Monday, December 28, 2009

Scooter Research

I hope all of my research on scooters will aid me in choosing the right one for me.  But no matter what, this is only my first scooter.  Or like some ebayers would state "Perfect for Beginners Scooters".

So far I'm gearing to buying a 49CC Scooter. 

Ques:  What does 49CC Scooter means?

Ans:  According to ebay user radiatorconnection, it means anything over 49CC needs to registered with your Motor Vehicle and it needs to be insured. And further more they are street legal.  So for about $700 you get buy a brand new out the box 49CC Scooter on ebay.  

Ebay user Wildfire Motors also have some affordable 49CC Scooters. 

Ques:  Why choose a scooter for transportation.

Ans:  First of all, I live in a small town.  Macon Georgia is approximately 56 square miles.  and while you can get over 60-70 miles on one gallon on scooter,you can also zip in and out the traffic, not that we have any.  And as far as parking space issues.... with a scooter that is not an issue.  Besides some of the most innovative countries in this world uses scooters as their mode of transpotation, such as Italy with their amazing VESPA scooters.  Another advantage, I've seen two people on a scooter.  Ofcourse I would have to loose a little bit of weight, just kidding. 

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