Monday, December 28, 2009

Work Van

I've been  visualizing this VAN on my garage or parking space.  I really want one.  The perks of having one of these is unlimited.  Plus major advertising campaign.  All I have to do is park this bad boy on one of the busyiest corner ever (or office depot, staples, and fedex kinkos) and just sit tight and answers the calls of hundreds of  individuals with designs dilemma.  GOTS TO HAVE ONE!!!!  Plus, its just time for major upgrade.  I'm so gonna pimp this ride! 

Ques:  Should I set up a mobile office inside, like a virtual office?

Ans:  I would need some power supply, wireless internet connection capability.  Comfortable settings.  This would very awesome.  Yeah I can picture this now.... hmmm.... yep, yep. 

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