Sunday, December 27, 2009

Tricycles for Adults or Adult Tricycles

I was looking for a beach cruiser online.  I wanted a beach cruiser bike, due to its comfort label and the simplicity of the ride.  A beach cruiser rider, is not looking for speed on the pavement but what it offers best, which is more comfort level than your typical bike.  And from the results of my online search, I ran into what I thought was the coolest thing since bicycles,  THE TRICYCLE.

Amazon offers a Westport Adult Folding Tricycle for about $260.00 and they seems to offer FREE Super Saver Shipping Not bad.  Other sites would probably cost more including the shipping.  But let see what Walmart has to offer.  Although I had plenty of bad experience purchasing bikes from Walmart, lets just see what they have to offer.  


They offer two different versions online and they have FREE shipping to store near you.

What I dislike about this is the 20" wheel.  They look kinda small.  But I guess that's why it has the ability to fold.  Perfect. for my VAN trips.  I can just haul it inside my VAN.  For $268.00 that's not bad at all.  I'm still debating on just getting a Beach Cruiser.  But it might cost the same.  The only thing I'm concern about is, I want to be able to ride my bike to more than just a neighborhood sight seeing.  I really want to use it to get around my.  and I don't know if that would be feasible.  Because a Bicycle can ride through sidewalks.  I wonder can tricycle fit in sidewalks?

But what I do like about the Industrial Tricycle is, they made it look so easy to adjust your seats and handle bars.  and plus did you notice how the handle bar move for storage solutions. click here to view the INDUSRIAL TRICYCLE

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