Saturday, March 5, 2011

Walmart doesn't care about energy saving?

Does Walmart care about being energy efficient?  or do they care about their consumer energy savings?

I was so disappointed and shock that doesn't sell or offer energy efficient light bulbs for your home.  I just moved in, into a new home rental and I wanted to switch all of my standard (sucking energy light bulbs) light bulb to some more energy friendly.  My first step to the green lifestyle.  My first choice ofcourse is  But to my surprised, Walmart doesn't carry compact fluorescent light bulbs. 

But wait a minute, you mean to tell me that this Giant Super Retail is not even a midget in Green Lifestyle?  Does Walmart care about the planet?  Do they care about their consumer?  or maybe they got bought by electric companies who provide you services, so you can spend more on your electric bill every month.  Or maybe Walmart got paid by the other companies who sell standard light bulbs.  Either way, I just cannot believe Walmart is not trying to be green. 

But what really erks me the most is that, actually promoted Energy Efficient Light bulbs but don't sell them.  LOL  WTF.  I screen shot the image below when I was searching for the light bulbs.  Check it out.

Save Money?  Save Energy?  Save the Environment?  with what?  with you over priced energy suckers lightbulbs for 99 cents?  The promotions should have looked like this...

Just to show you that I did search for energy efficient light bulbs, this is what the search found...
But carefully look... Walmart is not even selling this product, its   LOL!!!!

For all of you Walmart consumers,  Request Walmart to care more about the planet by caring more about you and help us the consumer make the right choices by providing us green products, which help us save money and save the environment.  WALMART SHOULD PRACTICE BEING A SUPER GIANT TO SAVE THE PLANET.

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