Thursday, January 5, 2012

Another New Home

We finally moved in to the new house.  The previous house was savage by the girls.  We didn't have a backyard for the dogs or a place for them to run loose on their own.  So the house was left with their mark and scent. 

There are still plenty that needs to be done to make this place comfortable.
  1. How water tank not working.  I hope its electric.
  2. Bathroom is very dirty.  I hope they are planning to do something with that carpet in the bathroom.  Or I might have to lay some tiles on my own. or maybe some lenolium.
  3. Front of the house.  The screened area need to be swept.  I'm gonna need some chairs for lounging and maybe a table or two. 
  4. Need to wash all of my curtains and hang some shear curtains around the house.  - I'm going to need some fasteners for the curtain rods.  Or maybe I need to buy some fancy curtain rods.
  5. Office area - I want to install Shelving unit where the books are at right now.  The whole entire wall will be a shelving unit.  I'm going to try to make it big enough to hold my 19" flat screen TV. and the small radio and speaker unit.    Add two chairs and small round table in front of the shelving unit.  Thats going to be a cute little reading nook.  I'm going to need brackets, wood panels, saw (electric or hand saw), sand paper to smooth out the rough wood, paint, cordless power drill, stud finder, leveler and before and after picture.
  6. to be continue...

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