Saturday, January 7, 2012

Feeling under the weather

I'm not feeling so good.  Although I feel miserable, with a stuff nose and running ooze, I just couldn't stay laying and resting all day.  I took the girls out this morning.  I found poop in the house.  that's what happened when you wait till 10am - 11am to get them out so they can do their business.

Anyway, I am not an advant believer that you do not loose your appetite when your're sick.  Unless I'm just special that way.  I had two chocolate fudge Pop Tart with Green Tea, can of chicken noodle soup, another est of Pop Tart, then Jamie brought me home a Burrito Supreme from Taco Bell, and I was craving for some rice and sardines, so I made some rice and can of Salmon and mixed it with a can of diced + chilli totato sauce.  NO I DID NOT LOOSE MY APPETITE.  and this is the new year, I'm suppose to be staring on a new healthy lifestyle.  LOL!  Maybe when I'm free of work and free of this illness, I will then begin my journey to loosing 50 lbs. 

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