Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Ricecooker from Walmart

I truly love my new rice cooker.  It isn't just a rice cooker it's also a vegetable steamer. One of my goals this year was to eat more vegetables, steamed vegetables not fried vegetables or vegetables smothered with high cholesterol gravy.  I wanted my vegetable to be healthy.  And this new rice cooker with a steamer tray is perfect.  I bought it at Walmart.com for ... I think it was less than $15.00 

6-cup Rice Cooker

I take the tips of the fresh green beans on both sides.  I get for $.99 cents per lb. at Kroger.

Rising the green beans on the steamer tray of my rice cooker.

the tray goes right on top of the rice cooker.

and it looks like this with the steamer tray.

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  1. bought another one couple of weeks ago, daughter placed it on the stove and burnt it.


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