Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Urban Bike Trailer

I knew somebody was going to invent it.  I love this idea or should I say this invention and its totally available.  finally the Burley Travoy Bike Trailer.  Is it pricey?  Yes, i think it is.  It looks like it cost more than my bike.  I don't even know if its available in the US  but let me check ebay real quick.  In the mean time check out this video.


and the other night at Starbucks... I ran into a man who traverse the US of A on a bike.  The dude looks homeless but you really couldn't tell when he was inside.  He was tall, white but looks physically fit.  But when I saw him leaving outside with his bike.  He's bike looks like it was build for the road ahead, a bike for superman. But he had a hitch.  He told the hitch was used to carry baby or children but someone threw it away and he kept it.  It has been his companion since.  So I look them up on Ebay and they cost about $100 to $200.  Cheaper than the Urban Bike Trailer but ofcourse without all of the goodies the the Trevoy has to offer.  
It looks like the picture above but probably better.  I want one of these.  It looks like it can carry a load.  But for now the Urban Bike Trailer is my choice of bike carriage.

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