Sunday, April 24, 2011

I love Google Adsense

Seriously if it wasn't for Google Adsense, I would not be so eager to blog.  Although I love blogging, I also believe that time is money.  And that time wasted is money wasted.  And because I blog alot... I mean I blog alot.  So far I really don't know how many blogs I have.  I have so many, because I have multiple hobbies. and one of them happens to be blogging.  I have this particular blog, which I call "Mumble Jumble".  because I don't have to have a particular topic to blog on this blog.  I can just post just about anything.

Then I have a religious blog.  Where I post all of my religious experiences and stuff.  I just recently started another blog for Wedding Invitation Designs.  I love designing them so I just started posting all of my designs there.  Here's the link to that blog, just in case you're interested,

I also have a Twilight Saga blog, but I haven't posted anything since July 6, 2010.  I can't wait for the final movie which will include two parts.  I think.

Then I have one for Miranda Design Studio but for what... I also ready have a website for that business, and therefore I haven't updated it in a while.

I also authored a book called "Houses of Worship" and I ofcourse created a blog for that, but I use it for a website for the book.

I can go on and on but you'll probably think I'm crazy, so I'll stop my list there.

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