Sunday, February 7, 2010

Jamie's Apartment

Gave Jamie furniture for her apartment.  Bought these chairs from craigslist and they were green.  They are made out of Bamboo wood and I painted them black to make them look like they are a set.  Except for her papasan, I left the color natural.  The coffee table is actually two end table slide together and I also gave 'em a fresh coat of black paint.  Bought the rectangular, framed mirror on the wall, at Ross retail outlet to help complete the room for under $30.00  I reupholstered the chair with a $1 per yard materials from Walmart.  They turned out pretty good. 

I also gave her these two bookshelves and placed a desk in between them.  She's planning to purchase a big flat screen TV to place on top of it. 

We just need to work on her bedroom now and kitchen.  But she wants to her dining area in the kitchen as a study nook.  Since she always eat in front of the TV in her bedroom anyway. 

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