Monday, February 22, 2010

Wolverine, the Movie

X-Men Origins, Wolverine, the Movie
Love this movie.  There's no way they could have found a better actor other than Hugh Jackman to play the part of Wolverine.  I love him.  He is so sexy and truly emcompasses the role of wolverine.  Specially when he was running naked to the barn house. 

This movie has it all.  It has comedy, love story, full of action, superheroes and villain.  I love how they started the movie.  The beginning must have took so much time to create.  Just the introduction of the movie, gives you an insight of how wolverine and sabertooth came about.  I almost forgot that wolverine had a brother.  They should have a part two.  Definitely a part two.

Even Liev Schribier fit the role of Sabertooth.  I didn't even know he could act like that.  He really played the role Sabertooth.  and I love how in the end he saved his little brother.    Definitely a must watch on my list. 

Another great movie for $1 from the REDBOX.  I'm so addicted.

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