Monday, February 15, 2010

Lyrical Foreplay with Royce

I really enjoyed my Valentine Day or should I say my Valentine evening.  It was filled with food, fun, friends and laughter. Had a chance to really meet Royce and had no idea he was very talented and goodlooking.  I don't know how I never paid attention to him like that before or maybe it was his Lyrical Foreplay. 

Luella's really showed out.  I was very impressed with the ambience, the food, the entertainment, and the service.  So I had my flower, my champagne, my chocolate, and my oh big teddy bear all the way from Germany, which I really wanted to cuddle with that evening but I was too drunk with so much fun and I didn't want to ruin it. 

With enough excitement to last 'till our next trip.  Hopefully next year, I'll return with my true love.

Roses and Chocolate awaited for us.

Salad topped with fine chopped almonds with sweet raspeberry dressing

Seafood pasta with scruptous shrimp, it was ooohhhh soooo gooood.

Chocolate cake for aphrodisiac to really get you in the mood.

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