Saturday, February 6, 2010

Had to do my laundry yesterday.  But I decided not to go to the closest one.  Had to wash my jeans and no  underwear left.  That's a dilema right?  Who wants to walk around without underwear?  lol  But anyway I was really impressed with this laundry facility because they were extremely clean.  Even though I spent about $15 for 3 loads.  I shouldn've used the large loads machines or double load machine.  I'll know next time.  They are located right on the corner of Rocky Creek and Pio Nono Avenue.  By the shopping center behind McDonalds.  I have to mention this.  When I arrived at the laundry mat, it was nothing but old men inside doing laundry, kinda freaky 'till a couple women who showed up right before I was almost done doing laundry. 

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