Monday, February 1, 2010

Got my VAN

Finally I can take this off my wish list.  Not exactly what I wanted but I can work with it.  Thanks to my brother in-law James, he sold me his van for $350 bucks.  We drove it home to Macon Georgia from Jacksonville, FL.  It got us home safe and sound.  The next morning I had a mechanic to take a look at it and see if he can find anything wrong with it because at 15 miles before we reached Macon it started a funny sound on the engine.  The mechanic found the problem and changed my alternator for $20 bucks.  I bought the parts for $90 bucks.  I got an offer from the maintenance man to purchase it for $1000. I might just take it.  Will see.  Below are pictures of my new and improve VAN.

My 88 Astro VAN

Passenger side view of my 1988 Astro VAN

rear view of my 1988 Astro VAN - I been thinking about climbing my fat ass up top just to see if this ladder would hold me up. lol

I don't know how accurate is this odometer it reads 97,686 miles on it.

I put $40 worth of gas before leaving Jacksonville and a quart of oil.  When we arrived in Macon my tank was just below the half mark.  Pretty good on gas huh?

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