Sunday, February 7, 2010

My printers

The past year I bought over six printers and each have specific jobs.

Love this printer.   This is printer is made by BROTHER.  The model is HL 2170W this printer have wireless capability.  But that is not why I love this printer.  I purchased this printer at Office Depot for less than $100.00.  I have seen this on sale several times for about $60-70 dollars and less.  The toner cartridges are sold around $60-70 dollars and can print up 2000 pages, depends on the content of your documents.  But what I love about this printer is after using your startup cartridge, buy yourself a brand new cartrdige and spend about $50-$70 and then you can purchase the refill kit at for around $30-35 plus shipping and it will refill your cartridge easily four times.  What a humongous savings!!!  The print quality is the bomb.  You'll love it and the major savings.   This printer definitely get 10 stars out of 5 for:  affordability, spacer saver, and money savings. So if you do a long of black and white printing like I do, then this printer is definitely for you. 

Printer BROTHER MFC-5460cn
This printer, I don't use for printing but just for scanning.  The quality of the scan images are so much better.  Bought this printer at Office Depot onsale  for around $25.00 and my boyfriend bought two and gave me one. 

HP Photosmart D5360
The only thing I really use this printer for is for CD and DVD printing. the ink cartridge are very inexpensive.  You can get a set of black/white and color cartridge for less than $35.00

HP LaserJet P1006
I was fooled to buying this printer.  I should have research and read a little more of the specification online before purchasing.  But what I do like about this printer is its size.  Very small.  perfect for small home office and not a lot of desktop space needed.  What made me keep this printer is the quality output is actually really really good.  The price is very affordable.  I paid $99 at Bestbuy.  The downside is I thought it print duplex, meaning front and back.  But it only prints one side at a time.  I found some refill kit on for it. I still haven't figure out how to refill it.  I'm planning on going through Youtube for "how to".

I have two more printers but they are inside the closet right now and don't feel like doing reviews.  One of them is an older version of my brother laser printer.  The other one is very expensive desktop printer Epson.  It prints 11x17 and have very high quality output.  and it print CDs and DVDs also.  But I mainly use i for T-shirt printing.

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