Saturday, February 6, 2010

Entertainment on the Go

We decided to catch the greyhound bus from Macon, GA to Jacksonville, FL.  The trip consist of over 4 hours long not including the 30 minutes delay in Savannah due to overcrowding.  We had to wait for an empty bus.  Luckily I have the greatest travel companion ever.  MY PSP console.  This bad boy plays mp4 videos, and mp3 music.  But it is also a picture viewer and video game player that I never really use for.  I mainly use it for music and video player.  I updated the software via wireless internet and it is now a skype phone.  I just need the jack with the mic and headphones to use my skype.  But it also connects to the internet and have a browser.  The only thing is missing now is a keyboard.  If they ad that, who needs a laptop or netbook. 

I bought from a friend of mine for $45 and they usually retail about $200 and up.  I went to my local walmart and bought the case you see below  and a two way headphone jack, because I know my daughter would want to share watching the movies once shes tired of playing or texting on her phone. 

The best thing I love about my PSP is the battery life on this bad boy last for over 5 hours.  Just long enough to last the trip. 

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