Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Battery Charger

Yes, if you're planning on heating the road without one of these, you are going to end up spending a lot more by buying batteries that will eat a whole in your pocket.  I cary one of these just in case.  Especially if your ipod or psp batteries are dead.  I have a small MP3 player that uses one AAA battery and last for five hours with one of those battery.  They are perfect for those long hours on the greyhound bus or in the back seat on someone elses car if you're not interested in listening to their type of music.  And perfect for those cheap digital cameras that uses AA batteries.  and I if you're an advent reader like I am I uses battery on my book light also.  Yes, A Battery Charger is a must,  and don't forget to purchase som rechargeable batteries.  Get some AAA and AA batteries.  Trust me you'll thank me for this. 

I almost forgot to mention that this battery charger by Energizer also charges your battery by hooking it up to your computer or laptop.  Cool huh?

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