Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Why buy stamps at the post office?

I buy and sell stuff on ebay a lot.  And as a matter of fact I have an online store on ebay.  But what I've notice is a lot of ebay sellers are not taking advantage of using Paypal to ship their item.  You really got to be crazy or not to use Paypal to shipped your sold items from Ebay.com. Not only does it save you a lot of time, energy, and stress from getting on that line at the post office, I think its a lot cheaper.  And what I really love about Paypal Shipping Options is:  It offers .19 cents for DELIVERY CONFIRMATION, which would cost you almost a $1 at the post office.  And if you do purchase a Delivery Confirmation at the post office hey give it to you on a peace of paper which you could loose.  But with Paypal Shipping, the Delivery Confirmation is stored on each order you sent out.  You can track it anytime, which you customers would love because it also notifies them of this Confirmation #. 

At first I thought you would have to buy some very expensive sticky paper or label paper.  But you don't.  You can print your shipping label on any regular white paper.  and I use a $.99 cents scotch tape to adhere it to my packaging.  And you're done.  And ofcourse you would need access to the internet and a printer. Which you should have if you sell items on ebay.

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