Monday, January 4, 2010

Laptop vs Netbook

There's no doubt in my mind that I want a Netbook.  But my 15" HP Pavilion laptop is nearing its retirement.  And so I am undecided to either get a new Laptop because my business needs its or a new netbook because of its portability that will compliment my travel needs.  If my budget allows it, I will purchased both.  But my budget can only either gear toward a new laptop or a new portable little mini netbook. 

Laptop - THE GOOD
  • Will either have new Windows 7 or Vista (I've gotten used to Vista and looking forward for the new Windows 7 operating system)
  • It will have a DVD & CD
  • More Gigabytes
  • Faster Speed
  • Bigger Screen
  • And Can Definitely Work on it.
Laptop - THE BAD
  • Too Heavy
  • Battery Power doesn't long (Not soo good for Cafe moments) or just blogging
  • Runs on Window XP - A lot of my programs such as PDF acrobat only works on XP and QuarkXpress
  • Very Light Weight and can fit in any of my Medium to Large Purse. Not that I ever carry a small one. 
  • More Battery Life especially If I get the one without a spinning hardrive. Which I'm thinking about that
  • This I Mention - EXTREMELY PORTABLE - Perfect for just showing preview of business cards and postcards to customers.  Plus they are extremely cute.
  • Ofcourse No DVD or CDs unless you purchase an external one.
  • They don't usually have a lot of memory. 
  • They are not really for work because of their minimal space and memory
  • NO Windows Vista or Windows 7
  • Maybe Apple Mac will come out with a Netbook.  But then again they do have they Ipod, or Iphone.  But not enough for a power blogger like myself.

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