Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Laptop Coolers

If you're planning on traveling and happened to be a techie.  Here are some gadget can't leave home without. 

Laptop Cooler

You're gonna need one these, especially if you're planning to travel in the summer.  Laptop coller are laptop's bestfriend.  Not only do they help your computer from crashing due to high temperature they are very inexpensive.  I bought this one from Sam's Wholesale Club for less than $20.  It came with a USB cord and a power supply you can plug in to an electrical outlet, just incase you don't want to use your usb for powe supply.  How it works is by attaching the USB cord to the coller and the laptop or plug in the power supply and press the on button.  Here's another perk for having this gadget.  It also serve as additional four USB ports.  Very light weight and easy to use and will help keep your laptop from sweating.  Trust me you don't want your computer to over heat like my Toshiba laptop did a couple of years ago and end up spending over $250 to get it fix and end up with a hardrive I can't no longer use.  The repair shop had to install a new hardrive because my over heated.  A Must On My List.

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  1. bought one of these and it just became a hub for roaches. yuk had to throw it away.


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