Friday, January 8, 2010

What would I do without Ebay

Finally processed some orders today for shipping and Lady J. dropped them off to the nearest post office drop box.  I still have plenty to do. 

I've been selling rare books on Ebay and December is really the worst month I had.  I was averaging between $1,000 to $1200 on monthly sales but December average was only $300 - $400.00.  What a month. 

But its the beginning of January and things seems to be picking up.  Hopefully sales will continue to rise.

I've decided to spend a little money on some creative marketing and advertising using a poster size calendar I designed for the new year of 2010.  I have to say, its really nice.  Hopefully it will pay off and add some major cha ching!!! in my pocket book.  I designed this 11x17, one sheet, one side, full color and glossy calendar to include in my orders.  And if my budget will allow it, I wanted to send each of my previous buyers the calendar. My local print shop printed 100 for less than $50.00 

And for the month of February, I was thinking about designing some bookmarks as a giveaway.  Three different bookmaks should fit in an oversized postcard by Vista and that would give me 150 bookmarks for $10.00   Ofcourse I would have to cut them myself and ad ribbon for tassels. 

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