Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Don't order online with Dominos Pizza

It's around 9:30 at night and I decided to have a late dinner and didn't feel like cooking because there's really nothing to cook in the house.  I also ran out of minutes on my boost mobile phone.  But thanks to my  online store, I made a little bit of money, enough to order a pizza for my daughter and I. 

As usual I decided we should order Dominos and again because I didn't have any minutes to spare on my cell, we went ahead and ordered the two medium pizza online, which totalled to about $14.00 and some change.  Dominos.com even have a pizza tracker.  You can monitor what is going on with your pizza.  So I walked away from my monitor and a couple of minutes later I get a call from the local Dominos store in my area who received my order online and said "THEY DON'T DELIVER PASS 9:30 ON MONDAY".  I'm find with that.  So I asked the man, "What about my money?".  He assured me that as soon as he pressed cancel on my order I should receive my money back.  I said no problem.  He said he was sorry that the website allows people to order online, even though it's not suppose to. 

So I checked on my Paypal Credit card  onlne to see if my money is back, Guess what?  IT'S NOT!!!  That guy is going to hear from me again tomorrow if I don't get my money back soon. 

The same incident happened to me with SAKURA Japanese Restaurant in Macon Georgia.  I placed an order and they cancelled it and I never receive my money back!!!!  that reminds me I'm calling them tomorrow.



  1. Hi I'm Phil and I work for Domino's corporate. So sorry to hear that this happened. If you go to: http://bit.ly/3vszZ you can submit this incident to our customer care team so we can look into it for you. Again, I'm sorry for the confusion.

  2. I still never received my money back!


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