Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Camera Tripod

Have you ever wanted to take a picture of your self without holding the camera?  But there's no one to take your photo and do you trust anyone with your small digital camera? 

Anyway This little gadget usually comes with any digital camera you buy.  But if your camera didn't come with one and you don't want to be carrying floor model one or a bigger one with will definitely fit in the back of your pocket or purse.  Again lightweight and will help you take your photo steady.  It screws in any small digital camera and will stand on any flat surface.  Set your camera to take picture on timer, walk away from it and take your photo. 

1 comment:

  1. not as reliable. broke one of my small digital camera. the tripod didn't hold well when I placed it on a desk and it tip and my camera fell on the floor and its now broke. sucks! bought another a Gorilla Tripod this time. waiting for it to arrived.


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