Monday, April 5, 2010

Feeling a little better

I somehow found strength to stay away from chocolate while I'm sick.  I read somewhere that sugar kills your immune system.  So I figure, I better practice the art of self disciple, which is one of Buddhism's highest value.  I almost cave in.  But luckily, I overcame the temptations.  My body kept trying to tell my mind that its okay and just go easily grabbed the damn thing, unwrapped it, and enjoy it.  But my mind kept reminding me, subtly, that nope, "you know its not gonna do you any good, especially at your current conditions.  Do you want to feel the pain of being sick again."  So I have to ask myself over and over again, don't you remember to take better care of your body from now on.

I'm planning on going to a "NO Sugar Diet".  I don't know exactly how to execute such task.  I'm thinking to make a list of not to do such as:

  1. No more candy bar chocolate for now or cordova chocolate.
  2. No more sodas.  Which I'm getting pretty good as staying away from.  
  3. More water. 
Speaking of water.  What is going on.  A gallon of water use to cost $.25 per gallon, and now it's over $1.00  I guess I just have to get filtered water from now on.

If THE MOST HIGH will, that I'll get much better tomorrow.  I did drank some of this golden seal potion that T-man concurred together for me.  

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