Sunday, April 11, 2010

Jamie's Baby Photos

I didn't want to loose these photos.  I'm glad I found 'em.  She was so adorable when she was little.  The best baby ever.  Didn't cry much.  She always found ways to occupy herself.

This was a Christmas Photo.  This photo was taken at the mall.  I loved taking her places and showing my beautiful baby around.  

Gosh she love the pool.  This was taken at her grandmother's swimming pool apartment on Art Museum Drive.  her cousin Renata was in the pool with her that day.

School photo.  Her grandmother always impressed me on how she dressed her and chose of clothes.  I just couldn't figure out how she did that.  Jamie loved that sweater jacket she have on.  She just always had to have it on.  She was proud that her grandma Nash as we called her, gave it to her.

Another school photo.  Again her grandma dressed her.  Notice her shoes with the bells. her grandma bought those also.  She was trying to make sure that Jamie only wore top of the line shoes and that it wouldn't ruin her feet.

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