Sunday, April 11, 2010

Feeling bad after shopping

I made some change yesterday.  And I was feeling a bit better.  So I called my girl LadyT to go out for lunch in Warner Robins at the Glynn's Caribbean restaurant.  On our way she picked the Macon Food magazine and started breezing through it.  She notice the ad for an event at the Washington Park and we figure this would be a great idea to go to for tomorrow to have a little fun.  As always she's always dressed to impressed and I was looking raggedy like I don't know what.  So before we headed for lunch I decided to stop by and grab a blouse at It's Fashion and I found a cute casual yellow blouse for $5.99 and I swore that's all I was going to buy.  But she tried this long bohemian dresses and it looks soooo good on her.  I thought it would be perfect it we wore dresses for today's event. I also found a dress which I know I couldn't afford to get but I just had to buy it.  I don't regret it because the dress is beautiful and hopefully it will still look like that when I take pictures today.  Anyway the dress is for $15.99  So my total only came up to $23.00 something dollars.  

But on our way back from Warner Robins after eating at Glynn's Caribbean my van started acting funny.  But luckily it made it to her house.  I don't want to drive it any further 'till I get it check.  Hopefully its just the steering wheel.  But it looks like definitely something's leaking.  I hope I get paid from Cornelia tomorrow or something so I could have some cash.

I'm working on an album cover.  and I hope she'll pay me for the photos we shot cause the customers are asking for them.  I just want $100 for the photos.  and $75.00 for CD design, which should cost more.  

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