Friday, April 9, 2010

FREE Cold Calling Script for Web Designer

Hi My name is Jamie with Miranda Design Studio, we specialize in Print, Web, and Graphics Design Service.

Do you have a quick minute?

I'm calling to let you know that we are offering 50% off on a custom design website for your restaurant. 

Would you like to hear more about it?
This special offer includes:
  • Custom Design Website for your restaurant
  • that includes homepage or introduction page
  • about your restaurant page, contact us page,
  • and ofcourse a menu page and a PDF format of your menu for download
  • Add your logo, images, videos, and audio
And all of this for 50% off our original price. 

If you would like, I can schedule a representative to come by and give you more detail about this special offer and how it can help you generate more customers.  

What would be the best day for you?


If they say this is not a good time ask them "What would be a good time to call back?"

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