Sunday, April 11, 2010

Lunch at McDonald again

I'm on a strict budget today.  I only can spare about $3.00 and some change for lunch.  And luckily McDonald have value meal for $3.00  I love it.  I ordered the McChicken Value Meal.  It comes with medium fries and drink.  And surprisingly the sandwich isn't all that bad.  It's actually good.  I'm staying away from sodas so I'm drinking Tea.  and today I love the sweet Tea because it isn't so sweet.  They usually have so sweet that I know its unhealthy. Aside from their value meal.  This particular McDonald have FREE wi-fi.  Who can beat that?  I found a perfect place to seat because I can plug my laptop and blog for an hour or so and can do some work, check my email and stuff.

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