Saturday, April 3, 2010

Feeling so sick

I've been feeling out of the weather lately.  At first I thought I was just stressed out or something.  But I try not to think about issues that I just don't have any control of right now.  And I'm trying to to teach myself to instead just appreciate what life has to offer even if its just a walk in a nice cool day. 

It's funny how being broke, no money, can really alter your moods.  I think its even messing with Jamie.  But I can't deal with her mood swings.  She tells me that that she didn't even register for this quarter's class.  And stupid me the whole time I'm thinking she atleast regestered for class.  She said she doesn't want to attend class this quarter, as if she has something else todo like a job.  How she gonna quit going to school and don't even have a job.  But I've given up on her.  I've trying to do my best and apparently my best just isn't good enough and not being appreciated. 

I have to start doing me now and I have to start looking out for me and stop feeling so sorry for her ass.

I'm sick.  It was hard to sleep last night.  It was very uncomfortable.  As if my head was too sensitive.  my hands were feeling weird and in pain and my gums, I just want to scratch 'em.  I must need some kind of antibiotic treatment, which I can't afford.  And I'm kind glad I'm at Tracey because it would just be awful at Jamie's house if I was there and sick. 

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