Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Patient is a must to master

After a long awaited period, I finally closed one account today and got paid.  And I got paid on another small project also.  That's not bad.  And my daughter's boyfriend is doing he's best to take care of them.  I hope he doesn't tire easy.  Because Jamie is like a bear in hibernation.  But I help as much as I could with ease.  Now I can breath easily.  I still can't believe she chose not to attend school this quarter, although she has nothing else todo.  I'm slowly walking away from her so she could learn how to survive without me.  I can learn how to live without her.  Yes, I have finally realize also that is not her fault, is also mine.  I have to learn to dropped her off the top of the cliff, so that she'll spread her wings and fly away.

Planning on trying to do some cold calling tomorrow to gain some new clients and add more dough to my pocket.

T, is as always, thinks that he's being used.  I don't use him.  If he just realize and wake up, he'll really see how much I care for him.  I just can't stand all that verbal abuse anymore.  I don't want to have to try to prove to him over and over that I'm not going nowhere.  But stop pushing me away.  Gosh

I agree... I'm not perfect and often makes silly choices.  But I do what I can.  And I probably have done more for him than anybody.  I just feel like I'm not being appreciated.  Gosh... do I have to make a list?

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