Sunday, April 11, 2010

My Amazon Wish List

This is my Wish List.  Is not much.  I really just have a beach cruiser bike, and I want it fully loaded with rear rack, front basket, the bell, maybe a flashlight.  that's not too much.  But definitely check the 3 wheel adult bike.  I got to have one.  Wouldn't that be cool to ride around with.  Screen Printing Kit and a skype phone.

 I did recently purchased that wonder washer.  I love it.  It does wash your clothes.  Its' perfect for baby clothes and underwear and stuff like that.  Even though I have used it to wash some of my blouses and stuff.  It just doesn't ring out your clothes out.  But it works amazingly.  Perfect for small apartment and perfect for clothes diapers and baby clothes.

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