Sunday, April 25, 2010

Lemongrass of Macon Georgia

My first impression is, the restaurant definitely looks a lot smaller from the ad that I saw on Macon Food Magazine.  But since it advertise itself as the one and only Thai Restaurant in Macon, me and LadyT had to try it.  I love the inside of the restaurant.  Its located on Cherry Street, downtown, Macon.
I was hungry and was on a budget.  Their menu is bit high for me.  So I chose the Ginger chicken which was serve with ball of white rice.  The chicken arrived plenty.  and I ate it all.  It wasn't as tasty as Sushi Thai food and the Thai Tea is also a bit blend compare to Sushi Thai Restaurant of Warner Robins.

But I do like the ambience of the restaurant.  And they don't have over 15 pages of menu, just a couple of pages.  which I like.  But I don't see the Duck, which I love from Sushi Thai Restaurant.  I know I keep insisting that I love the contemporary look of the inside of the restaurant.

I think that's the only thing I really liked.

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