Friday, April 30, 2010

Are we ready for Nuclear Energy?

A friend of mine was listening to a Blog Talk Radio Show this weekend and the topic was Nuclear Energy.  A caller called and he was saying that we should use Nuclear energy.  He kept insisting that Nuclear power is safe and that we should encourage the people and the government to use it.  

I just had to get involve in the conversation because, personally I don't think human are prepared or responsible enough for Nuclear Power.  I asked the gentleman how can people get the security that Nuclear power or a Nuclear Powerplant is safe in their community.  He stated that if there were a nuclear power plant, he would rather stay close to the power plant because it is the safest place to be.  He further argued that the government protocol for Nuclear Powerplant is strict and therefore should be the safest place to be because the government regulations would keep the powerplant in such scrutiny that there would be no room for error.  

I totally disagreed with him.  I gave an example with the current energy we have, which one is OIL.  I'm pretty sure the regulations and safety recommendations is followed through the oil industry.  But I'm hearing more often that there are oil spills happening more and more.  

Well... if we aren't event responsible enough to contained and prevent oil spills, then are we responsible enough for Nuclear Power.  Because, isn't true that minute mistake with Nuclear power cold catastrophe? 

We can't even prevent OIL SPILLS, much less Nuclear mayhem. 

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